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Sonic Chip Technology That Enhances Beer

Sonic Chip Technology That Enhances Beer….




This month’s column features a form of technology that can enhance the flavor of bottled or canned beer right in your home. It’s a technology that incorporates the use of small chips in the form of Sonic Wave Oscillators. These oscillators generate various inaudible sound waves that when applied to beer, in the final pouring process, creates an entirely improved flavor that likens or surpasses that of true tap style beer beverages. Sound Complicated? Not really, I’ll keep it simple!

In 2015, two friends, Philip Petracca and David McDonald, began the process of applying technology found in a standard household appliance used in Philip’s ill son’s bedroom to improve the taste of containerized beer. Being avid beer connoisseurs they had a passion and their FIZZICS system was developed. Marketing soon followed that year with the help of ABC TV Sharks Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban.

The FIZZICS “Original” and the “Waytap” are designed to fit on your countertop or bar. The “Original” accommodates any size bottle or can up to 64ozs. The “Waytap” was designed as more of a transportable unit and accommodates 12-25oz cans and 12oz bottles. It also has a 10oz pour-stop feature. While tapping the pour, the pour will stop at a 10oz pour allowing the remaining 2ozs for the sonic treated head process. This is a nice feature, but only works with 12oz containers. Carrying cases are also available for both models. Four standard AA batteries power both models, enough for about 100 pours. There is no gas of any kind required. Operation is simple. Place the beer container in the unit and securely lock down the cover or housing. Pull the tap lever forward leaving about 2ozs remaining unfilled in the glass.

(TIP: Always pour the first pour at a 45° angle so the beer flows down the side of the glass. This minimizes the amount of the natural head. When pouring the final pour, tap pushed in reverse, keep the glass straight thus allowing for the sonically processed head to complete the two-step process for maximum enjoyment.)

Push back the tap lever to dispense the processed head, which is automatically subjected to the Sonic Wave process.

(TIP: Pouring the head may take a few seconds before you see a flow. You will hear a sound of liquid flowing & gurgitation prior to seeing the head being dispensed. This is normal.)

Walla, you have poured your masterpiece!

I found that both FIZZICS models work well with most brews, but not all. The taste is a big improvement over normal containerized beer. 

Regular packaged beer heads have a weak foaming appearance with lots of air pockets, while the FIZZICS head is solid in appearance and to the taste. Cleaning is simple and should be done when your enjoyment is over or when pouring different beer styles. Simply place a container of warm water in the chamber, lock down the housing and pour into a glass using both pouring steps just like you would if it were beer. Wipe out the interior if finished for the day and then leave the container open allowing for airing out. The exterior and rubber pad can now be wiped down. There is no question, the FIZZICS system works! Available at retail and on line. Worldwide distribution is in the works, but Amazon USA does ship overseas. Additional models with additional features are being considered and may be offered in early 2018.

(TIP: The FIZZICS units are designed for CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and some N2 (Nitrogen) beer beverages. They are not designed to work with any other type of beverage. Beers such as Guinness that use Nitrogen should also be fully poured with the two-step process. If you attempt to use only a portion and later pour the remainder in the container, the beer will be flat. Tap beer from some other source and beer in a non-beer container should never be used.)


MSRP: (Original) $169.00 ~ (Waytap) $129.00 ~ Travel Cases $35.00
Glasses in various sizes and styles with pre-marked fills are also available.

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