Sunday, July 1, 2012

DRY CASE, Waterproof protection for iPad, iPhone and other devices

DRY CASE, Waterproof protection for iPad, iPhone and other devices…




DRY CASE, a product of medical manufacturer, Dry Corp, LLC, offers a unique solution to protecting your valuable electronic devices from damage caused by rain, submersion and sand. Not only can you dive with these cases, but they are also great protection when boating, kayaking and beach going since they prevent water and sand from damaging your devices.

(TIP: If you’re not diving with the DRY CASE, but rather concerned about an accidental spill into the water, consider attaching a fishing bobber or other floatation device so you can easily retrieve the device since the DRY CASE will not float.)

(TIP: Condensation may occur depending on the depth and general water temperature when compared to above water temperatures.)

Available in two models; DRY CASE, for small devices such as iPhone, digital cameras, cell phones, etc., and DRY CASE TABLET, a larger version, for tablets such as iPad and Kindle. Both cases include a watertight headphone & mic jack, and yes, they offer DRY BUDS, a combo ear bud mic/headset that’s fully submersible to 10’, but not tested for this article.

Now, not being a diver, I did not test the manufacture’s claim that either model may be taken to depths of up to 100’ for one-hour or less, but I did do some normal tests at moderate depths in a bay.

(TIP: The manufacturer warranties these products with a one-year replacement policy. They do not cover any damage to the device used in the DRY CASE which is understandable since prior condition of the device and proper operation play a major role in its success, all of which they have no control over. )

I found both models to be watertight. Well, they should be since the two sliding locking mechanisms are extremely difficult to lock and even more so, to un-lock. My suggestion to the manufacturer would be to reconfigure these locks to accommodate a specially made wrench for this application and supply it with the case. This is the weakest link in the otherwise flawless design. To further ensure water tightness a small hand pump is supplied that literally vacuum seals the case thus making it impossible to leak.

(TIP: When shooting under water many factors have to be considered. The deeper you are the less light is available and the useable subject distance drops off considerably. The type of light, and refraction factors play a major role with color temperature accuracy. This is not the fault of the case or the camera, simply physics.)

The German’s developed a similar case years ago for around $300 with a limitation of thirty-feet. DRY CASE greatly surpasses that including a price tag of only $39.99 - $59.99 and the plastic material that you shoot thru is extremely clear with no color distortion or focus issues, something lacking in other brands.

(TIP: Bright sunlight may hamper viewing the screen of the device, thus if the start/stop or shutter control is touch-screen activated, it could affect your ability to operate the camera.)

MSRP: DRY CASE $39.99* – DRY CASE TABLET $59.99** -  DRY BUDS SPORT $39.99 (* Includes armband & lanyard;  **Includes handle & carry strap)

Available on line at various retailers. For more information:


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