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Ever wish there were a better way to cook eggs? Well, the EGG GENIE may finally be the answer. Usually the infomercial gadgets leave much to be desired. The magic they show on television commercials is anything but magic at home. Not so with the EGG GENIE.

The EGG GENIE electric egg cooker cooks hard-boiled, soft boiled and poached eggs to perfection. It consists of a base, a seven-egg tray, a four-egg poach tray, a see-thru plastic cover and a measuring cup. To cook eggs simply remove the clear plastic lid and fill the bottom of the aluminum plate with cold water. Distilled water is suggested to prevent discoloration of the eggs and the plate, however tap water works just fine. Fill the measuring cup with water to the level that equals the number of eggs you wish to cook. Up to seven soft or hard-boiled, or four poached eggs can be cooked at a time. A steel pin is provided on the base for piercing of hard and soft eggs. Place the egg tray into position. Place the desired number of eggs into the tray, pierced side up. If cooking poached eggs, break open up to four eggs and put the contents into the poach egg container. The container is now placed on top of the tray. Place the cover over the eggs and plug into the electric wall socket. Note, no switch or power indicator is provided, so when the buzzer sounds, disconnect from the electric outlet. This is not a design error, but rather an inexpensive way to power on/off the cooker and prevent over cooking, or burnout of the plate. Be careful to stay clear of the vent on the cover while cooking, as hot steam will be ejected during and after the cooking process. Let cool and then enjoy your perfectly cooked eggs.

TIP: Place cooked eggs in a container filled with cold water and let set for five minutes. This makes for even better tasting eggs.

Cleanup is a snap too. If you used tap water you’ll need to wipe off the brown residue on the metal plate, otherwise a quick wipe down and your finished. What could be simpler?

I was very impressed with the simplicity and the no-mess operation, however, when making poached eggs I suggest using a cooking spray such as Pam to make egg removal and cleanup a bit easier. Certainly beats standing over a hot stove waiting for water to boil. My only objection is the measuring cup needs to have colored lettering making it easier to read the various water level markings. The EGG GENIE does what it advertises, cook eggs to perfection!

The EGG GENIE is available at retail outlets that stock “As Seen On TV” products and on line. Currently there appears to be no European model available. Since most on-line sites will ship world-wide, purchasing a voltage step-down device will make this gadget work world-wide. Voltage adapter details available at: Prices may vary, but typically EGG GENIE may be purchased for $19.95.

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Postscript: Since publishing this article I have had readers advise me that the on-line site I listed for purchasing the EGG GENIE has used some tricky methods to confuse the buyer, resulting in additional unwanted merchandise being ordered. I have therefor removed the link. This product may easily be purchased on-line by the use of Google, or any other search engine. Caution should always prevail when ordering on line. Check your order and total costs before completing the transaction. Buyer, always be ware.