Monday, March 1, 2010

LIGHTWAVE – Lighting Up Your Life… and Your Paperback Too.

LIGHTWAVE – Lighting Up Your Life… and Your Paperback Too.




Many of us are insomniacs and wind up reading in bed. The problem, how do you read without disturbing your significant other? The answer, perhaps, is the series of LIGHTWAVE products known as LightWedge.

Reading lights are certainly not new, however, finding one that actually allows you to easily read and not disturb others is the trick. I recently tested the LightWedge Paperback LED book light from LIGHTWAVE. It’s sized to fit mass-market paperback books and features a viewing area of 7 x 3.75 inches. You simply lay the page-sized, acrylic lens over the page and two bright LED’s shine light thru the plastic lens’ edge thus lighting the entire page evenly with virtually no spillover. Four triple A batteries provide forty-hours of reading pleasure. Its compact size, lightweight construction weighing only 6.5 ounces and a fabric case makes it ideal for travel, or home use.

I found this gadget to exceed all my expectations. My only caution is the acrylic surface scratches easily and I found the batteries a bit difficult to install. I give the LightWedge three thumbs up because it does its job well.

The LightWedge is available in several sizes at retail shops and on-line. For more details go to

MSRP $24.95 (Paperback model)

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