Friday, July 1, 2016

Prolonging the life of your Apple's USB cables....

Prolonging the life of your Apple’s USB Cables.




We’ve all experienced the frayed cable syndrome at the connecting end of a USB cable. These are typically cables used for charging that are included with your iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch. Up to now the only solution was to throw away the defective cable and purchase a replacement, something that can become expensive. Well Tudia Products has created an interesting solution that may just prolong the life of the cable and offer other benefits too.

The Tubia Klip Cable Protector is a small two-piece shroud type device that easily slips on each cable end just below the connector. It’s designed to add strength and stability to this most vulnerable section of the cable reducing strain by as much as 80%. These cable ends are subjected to constant bending, pulling and pushing, causing the cable to be damaged or frayed. Customer feedback indicates such problems may appear generally after six-months of use.

Installation is simple. The long shaft piece slips around the cable and is snuggly positioned up to the actual connector. Once properly installed you simply slip the locking cap over the shroud thus preventing the Klip from coming apart.

(TIP: Your first installation may be a bit cumbersome, however, practice makes perfect and you’ll soon become a KLIP installation expert.)

I’ve tested this not only with lightning ends, but also with standard USB and thirty-pin Apple connectors as well. I’ve used various round or flat cables, and had great results.

The Tubia Klip Cable Protector works well and can prolong the life of your charging cable. It can even salvage partially damaged cables as long as the cable is still in one piece and the center conductor’s bare wire is not exposed. Once installed it gives you better gripping power for easy insertion or removal of the cable from your device. Klips are available in five colors ~ blue, green, pink, gray and yellow making color-coding possible. 

A great cost-saving solution to a common and annoying problem!


MSRP: $7.00 individually ~ also available in bulk packs at substantial savings.

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