Friday, April 1, 2011

THE MAGIC WAND - Pocket Sized Copier

THE MAGIC WAND – Pocket Sized Copier That Goes Anywhere…




Ever had a situation where you needed a copy, but no copier was available, or the need to copy an unusual surface? VuPoint Solutions has a solution that seems to work well and saves paper too.

Recently I tested their MAGIC WAND, PDS-ST410-VP-BX2, a 10.1”x1”x1.2”, 7.5oz, double AA battery-operated, wand shaped device, that scans in both color and B/W, at 300 or 600 dpi. The JPEG images are stored on a microSD/microSDHC card with a supported capacity as high as 32gb. Data can easily be transferred by the supplied USB 2.0 output to your Mac (10.4+) or PC (Windows XP/7/Vista) without the need for a driver. A multi-functional display indicates modes of operation and capacity.

The unique ability of this scanner is to be able to scan many different formats such as documents, photos and tile surfaces. Imagine seeing wallpaper or a fabric design, being able to scan it so you can locate an exact match. Scans can be up to 8.7” wide and as much as 50” in length at 300dpi, or 25” at 600 dpi.

(TIP: ABBYY OCR Windows’s software is included. Mac users can purchase *ABBYY FineReader Express Edition OCR software at: )

My lab tests were positive**. Some uneven surface scans caused the red error light to illuminate, but the scan was actually in tact. Scanned photos were excellent and colors true when compared to the original. Documents were perfect. This is the ideal scanner for people on the go. A great tool for TV and print journalists, researchers, decorators, lawyers, investigators and the home office, too.

(TIP: Best results are achieved when using a flat surface and an even, constant forward motion.)

VuPoint Solutions showed several new, additional, models at January’s CES Show in Vegas. The newest feature is the addition of Bluetooth allowing you to not only store the scan on the data card, but also wirelessly send it to your laptop. Availability of these models is expected June 2011. Current models are available via electronic retailing, on-line and at retail. Additional information at:

MSRP: PDS-ST410-VP-BX2 $99.00

*ABBYY FineReader Express Edition OCR Mac software $99.00


** A NOT RATED designation indicates some issue has taken place during the testing of a product. In this case the device performed well over several weeks. However, while writing the article, a final test failed due to the scanner’s inability to power up and the rear AA battery became extremely hot. The manufacturer was notified, a preliminary response received, but no resolution to the problem as of the publication date. If a satisfactory response is received a rating will be applied to any future publication of this review.

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