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SPEEDPORT, A Universal Cable Pass Thru, Fastening & Anchor System

SPEEDPORT, A Universal Cable Pass Thru, Fastening & Anchor System




In this day and age there are many electronic items we wish to either hang from the wall, or the ceiling. Not only is the anchoring of such items an issue, but also, passing the necessary power and data cables thru the wall to them can be an unsightly mess.

Midlite Corporation in North Dartmouth, MA, may just have a solution. They offer a wide selection or products designed to solve the mounting problem of many items such as speakers, flat screens, CCTV cameras and wireless access point antennas. One of these mounts that I’ve obtained is the SPEEDPORT R1SP-W, a 2-5/16” diameter fastener. This gem simply requires the use of a hole saw cut into a drywall surface. Installation is quick. Just place the adjustable dog-ears or wings into the newly cut hole and adjust them so they straddle the interior backing of the drywall. There are two lockdown screws that are accessible when the plastic grommet is temporally removed, that when tightened, will snugly place these wings firmly against the back of the drywall material. Once this installation is completed you can run your cables thru the remaining opening and then thru the flexible grommet. The mask is now easily pressed back into place in the speedport making this part of your installation complete. A center, plastic, female, hollow shaft easily accepts a self-tapping screw and is provided for mounting your speaker, bracket or other device. These speedports are rated for a device mounting weight of 40 pounds. Various configurations, such as split port and speedport wall plates are available. youtube video:

(TIP: I’m told that the hanging weight spec is conservatively rated at 40 pounds. Naturally, you need to evaluate this and hang heavier items at your own risk. Multiple speedports can be installed that will help to distribute the weight evenly.)

Midlite offers a wide variety of mounting accessories to aid in the installation of dome and bracket mounted CCTV security cameras, access point antennas, flat screen television screens, etc.

 (TIP: Flat screen TV’s will still require the use of an appropriate bracket currently not supplied by Midlite. Such brackets can be screwed on to the speedport. Not only does this provide adequate support, but also convenient access for the cables.)

A PowerJumper relocation kit is also available providing male or female recessed AC wall outlet(s) that incorporate a pre-wired cable with plug, acting somewhat like a glorified extension cord and eliminating the need for an electrician. youtube video:

(TIP: Always check local electrical codes to insure you’re complying with local requirements before attempting any installation.)

Midlite has what appears to be some very unique solutions to solving your custom mounting problems. Even if you employ the use of a handyman or installer, it’s always good to know what they could use to make your installation cost effective and cosmetically appealing. Available in six colors. Currently sold by on-line distributors only. Check Midlite’s web site for a list of resellers.


MSRP: $4.98 and up

For more information and a downloadable catalog go to:

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