Thursday, December 1, 2016

BEHRINGER HA400 ~ A Sound Solution

A Sound Solution.




If you’ve ever wondered how to distribute sound from your smartphone, iPad, TV or other device and not disturb others, the BEHRINGER HA400 may be the answer. Now, before you say, “but there’s Bluetooth”, know that many flat screens and other devices do not offer Bluetooth as an option.

The HS400 is a small amplifier with four ¼ inch phone plug outputs and one input.
Phone plug adapters are readily available to convert to mini or RCA configurations. 

It easily distributes sound to multiple or various individual devices such as headphones and portable speakers, or even a recording device. It offers the capability of up to four listeners to enjoy the sound content from various electronic devices. It also allows you to hard-wire small portable speakers such as the JBL FLIP, a speaker system I will review in a future column. Each output is amplified and individually controlled by its own volume control.

(TIP: Many flat screen TV’s offer an audio output independent of and not controlled by the speaker’s volume control. This allows for the HA400 to function with or without the sound emanating from the TV it’s connected to and is not affected by the TV’s volume control. If you do not have such an output a headphone jack will suffice. In this scenario the volume control will affect the signal going to the HA400. Since the HA400 has amplification this will not be a deterrent allowing for a low volume TV setting.)

The HA400 is powered by a supplied 120~240vac 12 volt adapter making it a worldwide product. Its small size, 2.5 x 5.2 x 7.5 inches, easily packs for travel. It’s lightweight at only 14.4 ounces. The sound quality is outstanding!

Applications include accommodating up to four headphone listeners. It is very handy for the hearing impaired and for late night TV watchers to avoid disturbing neighbors or other family members. The addition of plugging in a small speaker and placing it by your pillow eliminates the need for wearing a headset thus giving you the freedom of movement. Remember, you can still retain a low sound volume on your TV thus giving you a surround sound effect if your TV has an independent output jack. I find the BEHRINGER HA400 a quality German product that meets or exceeds expectations. It could be a peacemaker in your household or with your neighbors! It’s also suitable for musicians needing to distribute a full mix to band members and it aids the hard of hearing.


MSRP:  $41.99

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