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The wearing of a ring often times is considered a symbol of control. The RING PRESENTER is just such a ring in that it not only functions as a laser pointer, but also as a Bluetooth mouse.

The RING PRESENTER, by Genius, is a dual platform device that interfaces with your computer via a mini Bluetooth pico receiver that plugs into the USB port of a Mac, works well in the keyboard USB port, or PC. A rechargeable battery powers the ring. Charging takes place by connection of a supplied custom cable to the computer’s USB port or a USB charger and the ring. A blue LED serves as a power-on/off and when blinking, low power indicator. Once charged operation is quite simple. A three-position selector switch allows selection of mouse/pointer, off, or pointer only operation. A CD is provided as driver for those computers that require it. While the Mac had no problem recognizing the ring without the software installed, an upgrade from the Genius website was necessary to smooth out the mouse’s functions.

The ring is worn on the index finger of either hand. I’m right-handed and found the left index finger to work best. This allows my right hand the freedom of other unrelated tasks since the thumb of the hand wearing the ring interacts with the ring.

The ring has two control, top-side, locations, a center button and a surrounding faceplate. The center button is used for tracking the cursor and clicking the enter function. The faceplate has four switches each located in opposite positions of the square faceplate. They serve to activate all the normal functions of a mouse. When used as a pointer the bottom button serves to illuminate the pointer while depressed. Positioning your index finger at a right angle points the laser beam in the direction of what you’re pointing to.

(TIP: Operation is typically performed with the thumb of the hand wearing the ring on the index finger. Naturally, it is possible to activate these buttons with the opposite hand’s fingers, but you’ll probably find that the thumb method works best. Never look at the laser beam directly as severe eye damage or blindness can occur.)

The RING PRESENTER is an interesting gadget for those who do presentations, but can be used for normal computer use as well. Since your pointer and mouse are incorporated in one device located on a finger it’s easy to walk around the room and not carry two controls. It does take a bit of practice, however. If you’re one that shakes a lot the fact that you can easily steady your hand while operating the controls of the pointer could be a plus. The instruction book is minimal and hard to read due to an extremely small typeface. There’s what’s listed as a Window’s downloadable manual available on the web site that really works for Mac’s too since it refers to general functions.

MSRP: $69.99

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