Friday, January 1, 2016

Logitec Solar Keyboard

A wireless solar keyboard.




Wireless keyboards are a neat way to interface with your desktop or laptop computer. The elimination of cables and the mobility they afford far exceed the capabilities of the old wired models that came with your computer. The problem that presents itself with many wireless models is the necessity of charging or replacing batteries. Logitech now offers a unique and effective alternative.

I recently tested the LOGITECH K750 for MAC solar powered keyboard. 

There are models for MAC or PC. The only difference with these two models is the addition of special keys for full compatibility with the specific platform used. Either model will work with either platform, but the special key functions will not be available if mismatched. You must add the word MAC to the model number to obtain the MAC version that operates on OS X 10.5 or later. The PC version supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

(TIP: When ordering make sure to check the spec sheet so you are certain that the model you’re purchasing matches your operating system/platform. As I discussed in this article a mismatched model will work, but some functions will be missing.

The LOGITECH K750 is powered by light. The light source can be the Sun or even a desk lamp. Generally, normal room light is all that’s necessary to keep the keyboard charged. A fully charged keyboard will stay charged for at least 3 months in total darkness. 

Selectable on-screen power Gauge.

A built-in on/off switch helps in extending the units stored charge.

(TIP: I have my keyboard mounted on a pullout tray. This type of installation decreases the amount of light needed to energize the unit effectively. So, I’ve added a Westek LSL20HBCC 20” LED strip light with a Woods 10203W foot switch for easy on/off switching. This light strip not only provides the necessary light for charging, but also illuminates the keyboard at night keeping room light at a minimum. That aids in viewing the monitor.)

The keyboard is only 1/3rd inch thick. It connects to your computer via a 2.4 GHz signal that’s received by a common tiny unifying receiver module that plugs into a spare USB port on your computer.

It’s small enough that you can keep it plugged in to your laptop when traveling.

I’m very impressed with all the features and benefits of this keyboard. It has the feel of an original keyboard supplied with your computer without the drawbacks while adding mobility and is always charged. It’s available in Black or white versions.


MSRP: MAC or PC models $59.99 ~ Westek LSLHBCC 20” LED Strip light $27.99 and Woods 10203W Lighted foot switch $8.95. All Available at Amazon.

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