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COSOOS ~ A Multiple Charging Station For Your Tech Devices


A Multiple 

Charging Station….




In this age of technology we seem to acquire more and more gadgets. All these gadgets require one thing in common, they need to be charged. While that sounds simple it can become a spider web of cables and power adapters. COSOOS, a Chinese electronics manufacturer, offers the LMH-PW008-PD as their solution.

At first glance the LMH-PW008-PD seems to offer a practical solution. However, like many interesting devices, they come with some drawbacks. The concept is to allow the user to charge a full range of smartphones, tablets, some computers, Apple Watches and other USB powered devices. It claims to charge MacBooks, but I can’t find a cord available for that application. The construction of the unit is plastic. It includes 6 thin removable plastic partitions used to create 5 slots that allow each device to be stored in its own slot. An upright extension piece at the rear of the base accommodates the Apple Watch. The right side of the base features 6 USB ports and an AC power cord port that accepts 100~240 volts. Various short USB charger cables are included that link the base to your various devices that can all be charged simultaneously. Additional cords are available as options.

This pretty much minimizes the spaghetti effect you would encounter when charging multiple gadgets with multiple chargers.

The plastic partitions supplied are adequate for most smartphones and tablets, however, if you place anything larger than a nine-inch tablet in a slot the plastic partitions will eventually break. Another concern could be that the COSOOS LMH-PW008-PD has a maximum power output of 5v/2.4a per device. So, check your devices to verify that they don’t exceed current draw. Note that some external battery supply cases do slightly exceed this current draw spec and thus will not charge. Lastly, while the eight inch cable length will suffice for most devices increasing the length by another two inches would make connection of larger pads & iPads more convenient.

In general, the LWH-PWS008-PD is a handy device. Since it does have individual ports you can plug in things like magnetic chargers if they meet the voltage and current specs and set them external to the side of the base, and if necessary place them on the side of the unit.

(TIP: I did find a solution to replace the thin plastic partitions. The Realspace™ Plastic Desk Sorter, item # 9504763, available at Office Depot, fits perfectly on the base. It’s white and made of very strong plastic material. Simply add some heavy-duty double stick tape or Velcro and it’s mounted. $10.99.)
Realspace™ 9504763 Sorter

MSRP: $42.99


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