Sunday, May 1, 2011

AUDEO - Earphones with filters?

AUDEO – Earphones with filters?




Yes, you read it correctly. Audeo, (Auh-day-o), a Swiss company, is offering several models of an earpiece that’s a cross between an earphone and an ear bud. It should be noted that Audeo is a division of Phonak, a leader in high-end hearing aids. Sounds like they know their stuff, no pun intended.

What makes them unique is the ability to customize each earpiece with a filter for the desired sound you enjoy. These filters include the grey that provides stronger mid range tones, the black featuring emphasis on the treble range and the green offering enhanced base response. Depending on the model purchased one set of filters is included and pre-installed. Should you desire to change filters a special tool is included with the accessory filters purchased to allow for easy and quick change-outs. The Perfect Fit series includes some accessories such as silicone ear guides, also available separately to assist in routing the cables around your ear and a set of foam tips that create a snug fit that significantly filters out most ambient noise. All models include small, medium and large silicone ear tips that work exceptionally well too.

I tested the Perfect Base with microphone. The mic is designed with a mini pushbutton that answers/releases calls on your iPhone, Android or other mobile digital device while pausing your music when answering the incoming call. These units typically fit any device with a 1/8” 3.5mm/4-contact stereo jack. All models comply with the strict EU maximum power output (MPO) guidelines guarding against hearing loss caused by excessive volume levels.

The sound quality was exceptionally clear, the ear canal fit was perfect and the general comfort outstanding since these earphones weigh only 0.5 ounces. The reproduction is so good that many recording studios and musicians use them. If you take your music seriously these earphones are for you! Another great NEW PRODUCT at this year’s CES.

(TIP: If all this sounds confusing go to Audeo’s web site where more information is available. If necessary you can reach an operator at the call center. 866.900.7174 Be sure to press 0 so as to avoid reaching a hearing aid specialist.)

MSRP: $99.00 - $179.00 depending on model selected


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