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7/3 Port USB Hub with Charging.




Most Internet devices have a limited number of USB ports. Laptops generally one or two, desktops three or four and smart TV’s vary from 1 to five. In the early days of digital devices, that are in some fashion computer accessories, one or two USB ports were sufficient, but now with all the USB dependent peripherals, it never seems like you have enough.

A USB hub is a device that provides additional ports while only being plugged into one main port. It’s much like an electrical strip. There are many hubs available, but they vary in size and design. They come in many capacities, but are not necessarily equally as efficient. Some require no power, while others are powered by an external power source. Most USB driven devices require some amount of electrical energy to function. In some cases, two of the USB pins in the USB connector provide the current from the port you are plugged into, however, many devices demand a much higher current and when several devices are plugged into a hub with no external power source that current drops significantly causing potential issues.

I recently tested the SenTey USB 3.0 Hub+Charger. What I like about it is its shape, forward facing ports and brushed aluminum housing that provides interference shielding. This combination works well on virtually any surface and provides easy access to the ports. Its power indicator LED indicates the supplied power supply is active. The power supply supplies 48 watts (12v/4a) and is more than enough to handle the potential load requirement. It offers seven USB 3.0 ports that are downward compatible to accommodate both USB 2.0, 1.2 and 1.1 requirements in older computers. It features a transmission speed of up to 5Gbit/s (SuperSpeed). An additional three ports offer charging capabilities for such things as smartphones, pads and headsets.

(TIP: One charging port offers 5 volts at 2.1 amps that’s suitable for pads and the other two ports offer 5 volts at 1.0 amps for use with smartphones, headsets, etc.)

A USB connection cable to your computer or smart TV is provided. Perhaps the only thing missing is a travel case, also not available as an option.

Unlike other similar hubs, the SenTey USB 3.0 has yet to fail even when all 7/3 ports are active. The three additional charging ports are an additional plus that eliminates the need for individual chargers. You may find this hub available under other brand names, something that happens a lot by OEM (original equipment manufacturers). Prices vary considerably, so check the Internet for the best deal!


MSRP: $79.95 (Discounted pricing available on line)

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