Friday, May 1, 2009

ARE "Z buds™" FOR YOU?

ARE “Z buds™” FOR YOU?




At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, CES, I had the opportunity to obtain a pair of Z buds™ Music Control™ ear buds manufactured by Zagg. For the uninitiated, ear buds are extremely lightweight headsets that fit in your ear and are used in products such as cell phones, ipods and virtually any other listening device.

Z buds™ were designed primarily for Apple products such as ipods and iphones. (Music Control only works with iphone) These buds and some of their features will, however, work with non-Apple products that use a 3.5mm four conductor mini plug.

The Z buds™ are well designed. They incorporate features like a noise canceling microphone that reduces ambient sounds from overpowering your speech when talking; a click button on the mic’s housing that can turn music on and off, or answer and hang up your phone calls; a two-click feature advances you to the next song; an in-line volume control that readjusts volume when the device’s volume is set to max; multiple sliders for cable length adjustment; a wide selection of ear bud adapters to fit all ears.

I tested these buds under various conditions and found the audio reproduction to be outstanding (30hz to 16Khz). A friend of mine with a hearing loss in one ear used them while driving home and commented that she could hear so much better. It’s important to note that the unique “hangin’ tight” neck-cord feature keeps them in place around your neck. (See illustration above) The materials used to construct the buds are top notch and include a heavy-duty 54” cable. The rugged construction revivals that of units costing many times over the MSRP of $79.95. I give the Z buds™ a thumbs up for a feature packed, quality product at an affordable price. Z buds™ are available with or without a mic, in black, red, yellow or pink at leading retailers and on line,

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