Sunday, January 1, 2017

JBL Flip Bluetooth Speakers

A Portable Speaker For Smartphones, Tablets & TV’s




The sound that emanates from a smartphone, tablet or computer is often less than desirable, especially if you’re listening to your favorite music. World-renowned JBL, a leader in speaker technology, has an interesting solution.

The JBL Flip 2 and 3 are small cylinder shaped portable speakers with a wide volume range. They easily connect to Bluetooth devices wirelessly, but include a mini input jack when Bluetooth is unavailable. On/Off, volume and an indicator LED are mounted on the side panel. The model 3 is even splash proof. All models are available in various colors and an optional travel case is available.

(TIP: Splash proof means it’s protected against rain, spills and the manufacturer claims you can even clean it with running tap water, something I have not tried.)

I tested the Flip 2 and found it to work very well for the intended purpose. When connected with a smartphone it serves not only as a speaker, but also as a microphone, allowing two-way communication when taking phone calls. This is ideal for conferencing a call with a group of people, making it a perfect small meeting room solution. As a portable speaker it easily connects to tablets, computers, portable satellite radio receivers and TV’s. Since some of these devices do not feature Bluetooth, a mini jack is provided. 

In a previous column, I discussed the Behringer HA400 distribution box. Either Flip will easily connect to it making it an easy way to provide TV sound close by without disturbing others. I used it between the pillows while watching late night TV. I’ve also used it as an external speaker for my laptop. The volume range and sound quality far exceeded the computer’s built-in speaker system. Since both models include a built-in battery, the mobility factor is greatly enhanced.

(TIP: Battery life is about 10 hours. Charging is possible with the included wall charger. In any power mode the speaker should not be covered up. It needs proper ventilation to prevent possible damage caused by over heating.)

The Flip 2 and 3 are great solutions to extending and improving the sound intensity of your devices. They are very durable, small, lightweight and portable making them ideal for use even by sound and video professionals. The applications are simply endless. FLIP is a sound solution to your listening experience!


MSRP:  $69.95  ~ $79.95 ~ Travel Case $24.95

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