Tuesday, August 1, 2017

MACALLY ~ A Practical Smartphone Car Mount

A Practical Smartphone Car Mount….




Most of us have smartphones, but what do we do with them when in our automobiles? First off, let me say, I’m not promoting the use of texting or operation of your smartphone while driving your car. In fact, many states have laws against such use coupled with stiff fines.

(TIP: It’s advisable that you check local laws in your state to confirm the legal use of smartphones in your automobile. It is possible that even with Bluetooth, smartphone use may be prohibited when the vehicle is in operation.)

That being said, most new sound systems, in both old and new model cars, do have the capability of linking your phone to your car’s sound system via Bluetooth. This feature allows you to receive and make hands-free calls. If you have Siri, an iPhone feature, you can even tell your phone who to call by simply saying their name and, when prompted, which phone to call. Accessory devices are also available that act as a Bluetooth transceiver. Such devices allow independent connection to your Bluetooth enabled smartphone via your radio. (Scosche MotorMouth III $39.95 www.goo.gl/3jfl4F )

There are a large variety of mounts on the market today. Having tested numerous models, I’ve settled on the MACALLY MCUP for this review. Unlike most of the others, the MCUP fits into your cup holder. Generally, most cars have cup holders that either pull out from the dash, or are incorporated in the center console. The MCUP has a unique, fully adjustable, base that allows for a precise, secure fit in most cup holders. 

By simply twisting the locking knob in one direction or the other you can create a tight pressure fit, or cause the mount to be released. A rather short, stiff gooseneck is attached to the base and extends upward to an adjustable grip that accommodates iPhones, smartphones and other phones between 1.77 and 4.1 inches, in both vertical and horizontal positions. 

This size variable means that even phones in cases or with external battery packs can probably be used. The gooseneck is purposely stiff to minimize movement by bumping or vehicle shift and is remarkably resilient should you accidently bump it.

Having tested many brands and models I found the cup holder design to be the most practical and reliable. Suction cup units can easily detach depending on heat and dampness. Vent grill designs impede airflow, rattle and can easily detach if bumped. The MCUP stays in place, is easily viewed and accessible, naturally, when the car is not operational.


MSRP: $19.95

For more information go to: http://www.goo.gl/YCH4Yz

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