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If you’re in the video production business you should find this article very interesting. If you’re not, I think you’ll enjoy reading about the concept and understanding how far we’ve come in useful applications for the world of the SmartPhone.

Those of us who have been involved in video production know how useful a teleprompter can be. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, or just a novice, making on-camera presentations can be challenging. Availability on short notice can be difficult, not to mention that the cost, purchase, or rental, can be expensive, especially when you may only require it for a few lines of script. Bodelin Technologies may just have the answer with its software app, PROPROMPTER for the iPhone. (also available for PocketPC, iPod Touch and LCD.) Like any other app, ProPrompter easily installs into the iPhone. Once loaded, the application makes use of the iPhone’s large display allowing copy to be easily viewed at reasonable distances from the camera. Software controls permit font size adjustments, scrolling speeds, font & background color selectability, countdowns and synching with more than one iPhone for multiple camera shoots.

The down and dirty approach is to simply butt-up the iPhone to the camera lens. Unlike cue cards, and due to its small size, this method actually worked well with virtually no off-camera look by the talent. Mounting the iPhone in this manner can be accomplished by your own ingenuity, or by purchasing the Wing & Mobile Clip accessory. Copy can be typed directly on the keyboard of the iPhone, or by sending the iPhone an email and then using the copy/paste method to place it into the ProPrompter program, or copy/paste from a web site. This is a very handy feature for broadcasters in the field. The ProPrompter may be remote controlled with another iPhone, or iPod Touch, providing it too has the ProPrompter app installed.

(TIP: Talent distance from the camera and general knowledge of the script all play a role in improving the on-screen look. A little practice and this really can work well.)

Another display method available is the HD ProMag accessory. It features a beam splitter with hood that mounts in front of the lens. This allows the talent to look directly into the lens with the added convenience of 2x magnification for up to a 15’ talent-to-camera distance. It’s the conventional method used by much larger and more expensive prompters.

The ProPrompter serves a definite purpose. While not the cure-all prompter, it certainly is a great tool to have when the unexpected need arises and at a cost that’s unbeatable! I tested it with the Wing & Mobile Clip accessory and found it easy to read and almost impossible to detect the fact that it’s mounted to the right of the lens. The HD ProMag accessory definitely adds value to the system and incorporates the HD 16x9 format to its usage. I definitely rate this as a must have tool for the serious videographer, as well as the seasoned professional.

(TIP: Multiple scripts may be stored in the ProPrompter program. The only limiting factor would be the amount of available memory in your device, perhaps justification for selecting the maximum memory available when purchasing your iPhone, iPod Touch, or PocketPC.)

Bodelin Technologies offers a wide variety of prompting devices including one for the iPad. For more details and *accessory purchases go to

MSRP: App $9.95 (available from the Apple App store); *Wing & Mobile Clip $149.95; *HD ProMag $995.00

Note: Other software packages available for Mac/Windows applications and priced accordingly.


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