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iXPAND ~ Flash Drive for the iPhone

Flash drive for iPhone/iPad.




Many readers have asked, “How do I save my photos & videos that are on my iPhone or iPad”. Well one way is to transfer them to a computer that has iPhoto installed. iPhoto comes standard on MAC computers and is a downloadable program from Apple compatible with most PC’s. While the process is easy it can be time consuming and somewhat confusing to those unfamiliar with the process. iXpand by Sandisk may offer a unique solution no matter what operating system or platform you may have access to.

iXpand is a flash drive accessory specifically designed to mate up with the iPhone or iPad and your computer. It’s currently available in 16, 32, 64 and 128GB memory capacities that match the capacity of your iPhone or iPad’s built-in memory.

(TIP: The number of photos you can store depends on the memory capacity of the iXpand and the size of each picture. Picture size can range from 72kb to several megabytes.)

iXpand includes an extended flexible lightning connector and a standard USB-A male connector easily making connection to/from your iPhone/iPad to your computer. Your devices must have iOS 7.1 or higher.

(TIP: Your iPhone or iPad device must have a lightning connector. Lightning to 30 pin adapters will not work. Older devices use the thirty-pin connector, so check first before purchasing, or upgrade your device.)

The transfer is simple, but does require downloading the FREE Sandisk iXpand Sync app from the App Store. Once you have this app downloaded simply plug in the iXpand via the flexible lightning connector, click on the Sync app and follow the instructions. Your transfer of your photos and video clips will take place very quickly. When your material is downloaded you can remove the iXpand. You are now ready to transfer the media to your computer. Creating a folder on your desktop and labeling it makes for the perfect destination. Plug the iXpand into one of the female USB-A ports on your computer. iXpand will now show up as an external drive on your computer. Drag or select the contents to the newly created folder and the transfer will take place. Once the transfer is complete I would suggest erasing the content on the iXpand so you’ll be ready for making the next transfer/backup. You may want to burn a DVD or CD as an additional backup or for easy sharing with others. You can also watch popular format videos directly from your drive as well.

(TIP: You can leave the previous material on the iXpand, but when you move it to your computer again you will be transferring the old and the new media which will result in a lot of duplication. You may also want to consider deleting the photos and videos on your iPhone/iPad as well thus freeing up memory on these devices.)

You can use the iXpand on other iPhone/iPads as long as you install the app on these devices. Your family and friends will be your best clients!


MSRP: $59.99 - $169.99 depending on memory capacity desired
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