Tuesday, May 1, 2012

iTwin, Accessing files on multiple computers made easy




How many times have you said that you wished there were an easy way to access files from another computer to one at home or at the office, or even around the globe? Programs like Apple’s Remote Desktop, or services such as Go To My PC have existed for some time, but leave much to be desired. Along comes iTwin, a simple device with a unique answer.

What is iTwin? iTwin is a device about the size of a USB flash drive. It differs in that it has a USB connector at either end, no useable on-board memory, and separates in the middle. When properly programmed with a Pair Name (ID) and email address, iTwin establishes a link between two or more computers and is dual-platform compatible. Once each half is installed in the desired computers, a brief initialization process takes place. When completed a virtual folder opens on the Master Computer. The purpose of this folder is for you to drag any files or file folders into it, thus allowing the Slave Computer to have access to it. This virtual folder now becomes visible on the Slave Computer as well. A simple double click on the Slave Computer and the file opens allowing you to work with the data. You may even drag the file to the computer’s desktop thus establishing a permanent file transfer. It’s also possible to transfer a file from the Slave Computer to the virtual file, which will forward the file to the desktop of the Master Computer.

(TIP: The speed of the data transfer is dependent on your computer’s processor, file size and the speed of your Internet service. A 256 bit encryption is a standard feature  of iTwin ensuring your files are always protected.)

So what we’ve accomplished is a secure, and easy file transfer that can be unlimited in size. In the event one-half of the iTwin is lost or stolen, a disable code is supplied during the initial setup for the purpose of totally disabling the use of the iTwin in such situations. Pair Names are also easily changed.

 (TIP: At this time applications are not transferable, so both computers must have the proper application installed to access and work with the data being transferred. iTwin has indicated that application transfers will be possible in the future.)

OK, let’s say you have a need for more that one Slave Computer to access the files of the Master Computer. This is now possible by adding one to nineteen more iTwins to the Master Computer and downloading the iTwin Multi software on the Master Computer. Once loaded and operational you simply access the particular iTwin from the drop down menu and select the pair name for the Slave Computer desired. If someone is stationed at the Master Computer they can transfer incoming files from one Slave to those of another.

(TIP: When adding additional iTwins to the Master Computer a USB hub will be required if additional USB ports are unavailable.)

The iTwin is a revolutionary method of transferring business or home data to multiple designated computers. It’s rugged, works extremely well, fast, dependable, and secure. It’s ideal for document, home-movies and photo transfers by just supplying the other half of the iTwin to the other user, making it a great way to share material with family, friends and business associates. I’m advised that many enhancements are in the works. Currently, the company’s policy is to make updates available at no cost, so obsolescence is not an issue. iTwin supports: MAC OS X 10.6+, Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

MSRP: $99.00

Available at retail locations and on-line. More details available at:


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