Thursday, December 1, 2011

PHOTO CUBE Printer for Smart Phones

PHOTO CUBE, A Printer for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch 4 and Android




The recent introduction of the new iPhone 4s has once again demonstrated the unique features such products offer. Many third-party manufacturers have jumped on the technology bandwagon by offering useful byproducts to enhance the experience. One such product is the PHOTO CUBE printer by VuPoint Solutions.

The PHOTO CUBE, actually in the shape of a cube, is a dye sublimation thermal transfer printer designed to reproduce 300dpi, 4 x 6” color prints. Products like the iPhone/iPad and Android smartphones offer high-resolution built-in cameras, but no direct printer capability, so the PHOTO CUBE is an easy solution.

(TIP: Compatibility: (IOS 3.0 and above) - iPod Touch 2nd, 3rd & 4th generation; iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G; iPad) (Android smartphones – OS 2.0 and higher)

It’s simple to use, but it does require a free download from the Apple App store. Once you’ve downloaded the app, install the starter ink/paper cartridge that simply slides into the cube. An iPhone, iPod or Android smartphone can now be docked to the standard connector located on top of the printer. If you’re connecting an iPad, simply use the USB cable supplied with your iPad and plug in into the side-mounted USB port. Since there is not a power switch, just plug the power cable into your mains (variable 100 – 240vac) outlet and you’re set to go.

Select the app on your device, then follow the menu options to locate or take the photo of your choice. Prior to printing you have a layout option that allows a full bleed 4 x 6” photo, or 4 or 10 images per sheet. Select the number of copies, up to 4, and press print. Since the cube uses dye sublimation thermal transfer technology the paper will move in and out five times which takes about 55 seconds excluding data processing time.

(TIP: When selecting the multiple, or partitioning feature you may select different photos to be printed on the same sheet. The four-image selection is perfect for making wallet size photos. Since the paper is not perforated for this purpose you will need to make two clean cuts. For precise cuts I would suggest the use of a paper trimmer, which usse a sharp blade as opposed to a paper cutter, or scissors.)

The print quality is outstanding with vivid colors and no focus issues. They are every bit as good as those available at various photo kiosks. The per print cost may be higher than at such places, but the trade-off may be the immediacy of high quality print reproduction. I find this accessory to be virtually flawless and a worthwhile addition to your communication’s device. For more information:

MSRP: $99.00 (Ink/Paper cartridge $24.95 for 36 prints)

Available at retail locations, on-line and electronic retail


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