Monday, February 1, 2016

CES ~ 2016

The “Show of Shows”, and the untold story….




CES, THE CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW, can truly be called the SHOW-OF-SHOWS when it comes to new technology, electronics and gadgets. This year was no exception with attendance exceeding 170,000 including 50,000 from other countries and some 6,000 journalists. Imagine 2.5 million square feet with 3,800 exhibitors all showing their wares.

Once again, the highlights of this year’s show were 4K and OLED flat screens, automobiles, yes that’s what I said automobiles, wearables, drones and many unique items typically never mentioned in print. In addition, manufacturers, such as Kodak, used this event to make announcements. 

Kodak announced the return of the Super 8mm camera ($400 - $700) that shoots on film and when processed by Kodak, gives the customer a shareable video version on an SD card that’s suitable for YouTube. Is this the direction an ailing company should be taking?  

GM, one of many automobile companies at the show, announced the BOLT EV, GM’s second electric car that goes over 200 miles on a charge, priced under $30,000 including tax rebate and will be possibly available at the end of this year. What’s interesting about this announcement is that GM used CES and not the upcoming Detroit auto show to introduce it.

In the 4K world of flat screens ULTRA HDR (high dynamic range) PREMIUM was announced as a new standard for color and dynamic range in sets labeled as ULTRA HDR PREMIUM. Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and LG are the current proponents of these specifications. Availability 3  - 6 months. 4K Blu-Ray players were visible by Samsung and Philips with the thought by others that the disc medium as we know it today may not compete with streaming in the foreseeable future. Warner Brothers says it will release 35 4K Blu-Ray movies in 2016.

CES is such a large show, so let’s look at some items that never seem to make the headlines.

Garmin’s Varia Rearview Bike Radar: Winner of the CES Innovation Award, the Varia warns cyclists of vehicles approaching from behind up to about 153 yards and displays the information on a screen mounted on the bike’s handlebars. $199.99 and available now.

 iNail Intelligent Printer: A digital printer that prints designs on your fingernails. This $2800 printer prints from a vast selection of designs directly on your nail. Available now

FirstResponce: Bluetooth connected pregnancy test. $15.99 available now

Polaroid PBT4000 Portable Turntable: Bluetooth enables interfacing with other Bluetooth devices for the purpose of listening or transferring 33’s, 45’s and 78 RPM vinyl to a digital format. $99 and available now

DietSensor: With corresponding app helps you to measure daily food intake and make recommendations about what to, or not eat. Not yet available

G.Fast by Sckipio: This technology will give your telephone provider the ability to offer even faster speeds 50 times faster than broadband. Available later this year in the USA

KeyMouse: A split keyboard that fits your hand perfectly. Move around the two keyboard halves, and it becomes a mouse. Works with Windows, MAC and Linux OS. $399 and now taking preorders

So, that’s a little condensed taste of CES 2016….

Images: CES;  GM; Garmin; iNail; Kodak; Polaroid; DietSensor; KeyMouse

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