Thursday, June 1, 2017


“BRYDGEING” The Gap In Tablet Keyboards….




Since 2010 iPads and tablets have become the next best thing to laptops. They’re small, easy to use and especially convenient when on the go. Perhaps one of the negatives is the lack of a truly responsive keyboard. While touch screen keyboards, common with these devices, fill a need, they can be clumsy and sometimes unresponsive. So, what’s the solution?

BRYDGE has taken the external keyboard to the next level. While many competitive keyboards have existed for quite some time, BRYDGE has succeeded in providing a truly professional product.

The BRYDGE keyboard accessory is made from a single piece of honed, solid aluminum, unlike competitive models made of plastic. Its’ appearance, style and features can easily be compared with that of Apple’s more recent MacBook models. Two solid, pressure-fit hinges are supplied with an adjustment range of 180°. 

This unique hinge design makes it easy to attach or remove from the tablet to/from the keyboard. When attached, the pad easily folds flat to shut down and store. In this position the BRYDGE automatically turns the screen and keyboard off, or conversely returns both to normal operation when opened. In essence the BRYDGE keyboard has the feel and look of a lightweight laptop. It can also be used when completely unattached. Other features include backlit keys with three levels of illumination and an off position. It’s interesting to note that the RETURN KEY in many cases acts as the HOME BUTTON found on the iPad. The rechargeable battery uses a standard USB type charger and can maintain a charge for as much as 3 months. This makes it possible to use the BRYDGE worldwide. Battery level indication is also provided,

I found the BRYDGE to be very user friendly. When reading a book or newspaper in the attached mode I easily adapted to the horizontal position. 
However, what did take some adjusting to on iPad models was the lack of a track pad on the keyboard. I found myself constantly reaching for a missing track pad. This is not a fault of the BRYDGE, but rather the lack of design by Apple, perhaps a welcomed future design consideration on Apple’s part. The BRYDGE is available in several models to accommodate various brands of tablets; 12. 3 for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 & 4; 12.9 for iPad Pro 12.9˝; iPad 9.7 Pro, iPad Air 2, and iPad air; iPad Mini 4. A complete line of accessories including a 128gb SSD card for the Microsoft version, are also available.


MSRP: $99 - $149 Depending on model desired. Available at retail, or on line from the manufacturer.

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