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I’ve tested many dishwashers over the years. My biggest complaint is that the dishes never have that sparkling look seen in the product and soap commercials, nor are heavily soiled items ever totally clean. Recently I tested one that really performs as advertised, and then some.

(TIP: Do not rely on exterior dimensions in determining if a specific model will fit under your counter. Tub configuration, such as, round or squared edges, can play a major role in calculating the final fit.)

The MDB7809AWM is an under-the counter, stainless exterior, model from Maytag. It features a stainless steel interior, resistant to rust and grime, a definite must-have, since this is the most common problem that determines the life of your machine. Two utensil racks may be easily mounted anywhere, however, mounting bottom right is preferred since this washer features a special high-pressure spray, Silverware Blast, aimed in that direction, with spotless results. Racks, upper & lower, as well as their accessories are adjustable for different size objects, a feature not commonly offered. This washer is outfitted with so many thoughtful features I could not possibly list them all.

Cycle & option selections appear somewhat intimidating at first glance. However, you’ll soon appreciate the benefits in deep cleaning and cost savings. These features include: Auto Clean Plus – Loads with heavy, normal, or light amounts of food soil; Heavy – Heavily soiled pots, pans, casseroles and tableware; Normal – Normal amounts of food soil; Light – China & crystal; Insta Wash – Quickly wash pre-rinsed glasses, or dishes; Rinse Only – Rinse loads that will not be washed immediately; Heat Dry – Extra heat drying; Sanitize – Raises time cycle & final rinse temp to 154°f. Steam Clean – Adds steam to the rinse cycle to deep clean & shine; High Temp Wash – Increases water temp during wash cycle.

(TIP: Use a product like “Finish Jet Dry”. Works with other features of this washer to give you that sparkling look. Dispenser with consumption gauge inside door.)

In my tests I used the Normal > Sanitize > Steam Clean settings. The results were always exceptional. The door has a tight seal, which makes it somewhat difficult to unlatch. This washer is well thought out. The inner stainless steel liner, handy interior features, superior construction and outstanding results make it a best buy.

(TIP: Any dishwasher needs periodic preventative maintenance. Products such as “Dishwasher Magic”, available at most supermarkets, remove lime scale and rust. They should be used in six-month intervals to prolong the life of your investment)

MSRP: $849.00 (non exterior stainless models are less)


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