Thursday, October 1, 2015

BONDIC~Liquid plastic welder

Possibly world’s first liquid plastic welder.




There are many remedies to fix damaged items. Typically different materials require different solutions. Some work, some don’t. Most often the results are less than satisfactory.

I recently tested a product called Bondic. It differs from most other processes in that it solidifies only by exposure to UV light, not by outside air, thus making an immediate secure bond. While it works best on rough surfaces, its applications are not necessarily limited to that and can include sealing all kinds of materials. In most applications you have to work in layers and make sure the first layer goes inside the crack or hole to get a perfect lining. The more layers you create the more sustainable the repair will be. Once hardened you can smooth it out by using conventional methods.

(TIP: This product builds, fixes and fills most any material be it plastic, metal, glass, etc., and cures in just seconds. It fills, repairs, fixes leaks, and connects where glue can’t. It rebuilds broken material and makes new plastic in 4 seconds just to mention a few possibilities.  It can be sanded and painted.)

So, how do you use it? Bondic comes as a kit that contains a pen cartridge with applicator and a mount for a supplied UV light. The applicator allows for a thin stream of bonding agent to be slowly ejected by simply squeezing the black plastic housing. It’s black to prevent exposure to light eliminating the possibility of curing in the pen. I found this process to be a great feature compared to glues and other agents that are not easily controllable. Once satisfactorily applied, you flip the applicator around, turn the UV light on and aim the light to the bonding material. The bonding agent must be visible for this to work and can also be cured in this manner under water. This process only takes seconds and the repair is complete. The bond is waterproof and offers electrical insulation for low voltage applications. 

This means you can repair various computer related cables where the insulation or strain relief tears or breaks loose. While certainly not a substitute for soldering it can be used to join and insulate low voltage cable ends and hold items in place on circuit boards.

(TIP: I have not tried this, nor seen it work, however, the manufacturer has had an independent testing lab confirm the successful use of Bondic in repairing a hole or crack in a normal home water line. 

According to these tests it can withstand a water pressure of up to 120psi and a temperature range of 0c ~ 100c [32° ~ 212°f]. You must create a wedding band around the hole/crack that covers the circumference of the pipe - reaching around and touching itself again and then follow the curing process as previously outlined. Check your local water utility for the PSI rating in your area and understand it could vary.)

Bondic is a great repair solution. One pen size cartridge applicator can last a long time depending on what you are repairing. Pen cartridges and/or UV light replacements are available separately so you don’t have to repurchase an entire kit. To put it mildly, Bondic is a great repair solution. New uses are just a project away….  I’m extremely impressed!!!


MSRP: Bundle $24.99  ~ Replacement Cartridge $12.59 ~ Replacement UV Light $6.59 (Available on line by the manufacturer, at Amazon, HSN and at various retail locations in the USA and Canada)

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