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NuPower 60 Watt power adapter

Charging USB Devices Simultaneously….




We all own multiple devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets that all need charging. NewerTech has come out with a dual-purpose charger known as the NuPower 60W USB-C power adapter. This charger can charge two devices at one time. The dual-port adapter provides up to 60 watts of power to charge the latest USB-C hardware including many laptops, and a type A port that offers up to 2.4 amps at 5 volts for mobile devices. The key here is that they must use either the conventional type A USB connector or the mini type C. In the case of iPhones, the USB type A to lightning connector cable will work too.

(TIP: MacBook Pros made in 2015 or later have type C connectors. The 13” models, 2015 or later, will easily work, however, the 15” version draws more power and thus will have a slower charging time. It would also be fair to say that when charging two devices the charging time may be somewhat increased.)

NewTech claims up to a 2x charging rate on USB devices than conventional chargers. I tested this claim on several iPhone 6’s and found the charging rate to be the same as that of the Apple supplied charger. NewerTech advises me that while the USB port can charge USB devices up to 2x faster, it actually depends on what devices are being charged over USB. An iPhone can only accept up to 1.6 amps, so with a 1.5 amp charger you’re going to see about the same speeds as what Apple’s power adapter will do. However, some power banks, older model phones, and other devices could utilize those faster charging speeds of up to 2x.

NewerTech says that this charger is Apple certified. This means that unlike non-certified products you will not see an error message indicating that it will not work since it meets all the technical requirements.

 (TIP: Apple conducts extensive testing on third party accessories such as cables and chargers. Such accessory manufactures must submit their products to Apple for testing in order to receive certification. Products not certified will usually display an error message to that effect. In some cases they may still work, but in most, they will not. This is quite often controlled by a code in the Apple operating system.)

The NuPower 60W USB-C power adapter is a very useful tool since it can charge two devices simultaneously and in some cases at a faster rate as previously explained. The need for carrying multiple chargers when traveling could be eliminated. The low cost of this charger makes it an affordable alternative to OEM units. It even includes a 6´ AC power cord that is often an optional extra with other brands.


MSRP:  $49.95

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