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Just another technology show, or?




INFOCOMM ’15 is an annual audio/visual conference typically in Las Vegas, but this year it was held in Orlando, Florida from June 13 – 19th. It’s not a consumer product or broadcast equipment showcase, but rather a conference aimed at the meeting presentation professionals and those with presentation equipment needs. As technology has broadened in scope, products have overlapped their usefulness into other applications and allied fields, so an attendance of 950 exhibitors and 38,000+ attendees, a 5.6 % increase over last year, is not considered unusual. 

Attendees vary from industry professionals to those with an interest or need for the products exhibited. If you qualify, free exhibit passes are available early in the year, however, late registrants are accommodated at a price. Some free show passes could be available from exhibitors. I always find attending this show useful in gathering facts on these new technologies such as 4K presentation flat screen displays and related acquisition equipment.

(TIP: Since this is a summer show with rotating locations in tropical climates, you would be well advised to dress accordingly. As is always the case in walking this or any other exhibition, comfortable shoes are a must.)

This year’s show had a major 4K flat screen presence. These screens come in many shapes and sizes that are designed for various unique applications such as indoor and outdoor digital signage. Digital signage is much like an advertising poster or billboard. It lends itself to constant message changes and the incorporation of digital computer art. Samsung probably had the best representation of 4K digital signage and displays. I had restricted & escorted press access to view prototypes and learn about concepts that may some day be available. 4K flat screens that incorporate a razor thin bezel and feature clear see-thru, translucent and mirror one-way see-thru surfaces, for applications in the medical and hospitality industry. A display that is wrapped around a wall’s corner; a beverage cooler with a video screen display replacing the traditional glass door, and not shown to me, but discussed as a work in progress, a roll-up flat screen that’s still under research and development. Related Samsung display products such as TV receivers and computer monitors share all this technology. So what I saw at the show may in some form be in the homes and offices of tomorrow.

Shure, an 80 year-old American audio products company, unveiled a soon to be released MOTIV digital microphone and recording solutions product lineup. It’s made up of 6 recording solutions that individually work with some or all MAC, PC, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices. 

Most impressive to me was the free MOTIV Mobile App that allows you to optimize the new MV88 digital stereo condenser microphone designed for iPhone, iPod and iPad. 

A free recording application is also available should you not have one of the many such apps already available.

SK Telecom demonstrated the Smart Beam Laser video projector that could easily be the World’s smallest laser projector. Measuring a mere 2.2” x 2.2” x 2.2” and weighing 6.88 ounces, it can project a 16 x 9 image from 20” to 150” with 60 ANSI lumens on virtually any surface. It uses a Laser Diode as a light source with auto focus and is battery powered. Connection is via HDMI/MHL wireless (Miracast or Airplay).

Casio also showed four models of what they term LampFree® projectors. These projectors range from 2500 to 4000 lumens and project 60” to 100” screen sizes. They utilize a Casio Laser & LED hybrid illumination process with a projected life of 20,000 hours. Closed captioning included on all models. While still portable, they are physically much larger than the Smart Beam projector.

The items I’ve chosen for this article are just a small smattering of what INFOCOMM had to offer. I chose products on the basis of my reader’s interests. I intend to do future articles on 4K technologies and what it means to you. I also plan on a follow-up article on the Shure MOTIV product series. So stay tuned, more is yet to come….

Images: Infocomm, Shure, SK Telecom

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