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Return To The Past With Ease.




Backing up your data stored on laptops can be a chore. The lack of a second hard drive and the mobility factor often times cause us to disregard the need for a backup until a drive failure or a previously deleted document is needed. While various backup methods exist, Apple offers a unique solution for their line of computers.

The Apple TIME CAPSULE is a tower shaped stand-alone device. It not only serves as a superfast Wi-Fi base station, but also as an easy to use backup system. This backup system, available in both 2TB and 3TB versions, automatically back ups any changes made to your Macintosh computers. If a laptop leaves your local network the backup procedure stops, but when the computer is returned it automatically continues with the backup process. The backup works in conjunction with a software program known as TIME MACHINE, included with all modern day Mac’s at no additional cost.

Some stationary Macintosh computers have slots for additional hard drives that can be assigned for backup purposes with the TIME MACHINE software. If that were the case TIME CAPSULE, as a backup feature would not be necessary. However, if you also have a Macintosh PowerBook, TIME CAPSULE is a must have accessory.

TIME CAPSULE’S backup operation is fully automatic. Simply follow the TIME MACHINE prompts for initial setup. Once completed you’re set to backup automatically. It can be programmed to accommodate multiple MAC computers.

(TIP: The TIME MACHINE software catalogs backups on a daily basis. When the backup hard drive or TIME CAPSULE is filled the oldest backup is deleted to create more space for a seamless backup operation. Since cataloged in this manner you can easily go back and find data that you may have previously deleted days, weeks or even months ago and return it to the main drive.)

As I referenced earlier, TIME CAPSULE also serves as a Wi-Fi base station. In other words there is no need to have an additional router to provide Wi-Fi access if you have the TIME CAPSULE installed. Unlike the backup feature, Wi-Fi will be accessible to any brand of laptop, notebook, PC, MAC, smartphone or other Internet dependent device. Printer and hard drive sharing are also possible. Since TIME CAPSULE features simultaneous dual-band 802.11ac, it transmits at both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency at the same time. So no matter which band your wireless device uses, it will automatically connect to the best available frequency for the fastest possible results.

TIME CAPSULE is a dependable method of backing up your data from any Macintosh computer. It will not, however, back up from a PC, smartphone or other Internet dependent device. It does provide a superfast Wi-Fi signal for any Wi-Fi enabled device and includes 3 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports for fast-wired connectivity with a desktop computer, network drive, DVR or other device. The reliability and ease of operation make it a superior must have option, especially if you are a MAC user.


MSRP: (2TB) $299.00  & (3TB) $399.00

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