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Most of us have had the need to control our home-based computer from another computer, iPad or iPhone. First of all it’s an easy way to access files stored there, or to make changes. Secondly it makes it possible to override a remote computer for the purpose of assisting someone with technical support. So, how’s it possible?

Over the years there’ve been several solutions including Apple’s Remote Desktop software. While these solutions worked there always seemed to be limitations. TeamViewer GmbH, a German company with North American headquarters in Tampa, Florida, has what appears to be a reliable solution available in 30 languages. TeamViewer was originally designed for commercial applications with a one-time starting cost of $750 or more depending on the company’s size. TeamViewer also offers a free version for private, non-commercial users, which we will be discussing in this article. Now I’ve tried them all, but this one works and it’s fast and reliable! Here’s how….

Simply download the TeamViewer software to your Mac, Windows, Linux, iPad, iPhone or Android platform. Works on just about anything including cross platform connections. Once you’ve registered your set to go. It’s that simple!

When you access the TeamViewer icon a window pops up. One side (ALLOW REMOTE CONTROL) shows your ID and password which changes with each session, not to be confused with your personal password that does not automatically change. The other side (CONTROL REMOTE COMPUTER) is for use by the controlling device. You give the user of the device that wishes to control you computer the newly generated ID and password. They in turn bring up the same window display and enter the code information you supply in the right hand side and then click on the connection box. The remote computer’s desktop will appear on their desktop allowing full access to programs and files. Unlike other software that I’ve tested, control and response is immediate. No delays, even when accessing computers in far off lands.

(TIP: Many equipment and software tech support agents have TeamViewer as one of their tools. Naturally, you must have it too if you want their assistance in this way. Once you log out the connection is lost forever thus eliminating any security concerns.)

The uses for remote access are endless. Perhaps you maintain a detailed address book or have Quicken on your main computer and don’t want these files stored on portable devices. Maybe you’re having trouble installing or using new software and need an expert to fix and show you what to do. Having the capability of controlling your computer from remote locations opens up many new possibilities and it’s safe since you control access with unique ID’s and passwords that change after every use.


TeamViewer download:

Graphic credit: TeamViewer& Google Image

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