Friday, August 1, 2014

EPSON LW-600P ~ A Portable Label Printer




There are label printers and then there’s the EPSON LW-600P. What makes the EPSON so different? It’s a portable, battery (6 AA) or AC powered, thermal transfer printer that can easily fit in a briefcase or toolbox, or just simply on your desk. Its purpose is to print various types of labels other than the common address variety, such as for marking cables, emergency exits or printing on ribbon stock.

I tested this unique printer and found the quality, ease of use with available software, numerous size-adjustable fonts and wide variety of label stock to be most impressive. Since it uses Bluetooth or a USB connection, it works well with iPhone, Android, iPad, Mac and PC computers, as well as various other tablets. The EPSON iLabel software is downloadable as a FREE App and includes over 100 label design templates, 400 symbols including the creation of QR code labels for content sharing, or barcode labels for inventory. You can import custom graphics such as logos and photographs to copy or paste on to the label design. There’s even a handwriting mode for custom drawing or annotation of labels using the touchscreen interface and EPSON has launched a developers’ program for further development of the capabilities making third party apps such as Scanlife and possible.

(TIP: Presently, vertical printing is not supported, but as with many other add-on features, will be possible with future software upgrades.)

The label stock, while a bit pricy, offers quite a selection that includes clear, fabric iron-on, metallic, pearlized, reflective, ribbon, fluorescent, “glow-in –the-dark”, and many other standard coatings. These cartridges are quickly interchangeable allowing for easy substitution of label stock for different applications. The applications are limitless. Label stock is available in 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 and 1-inch sizes and are upwards compatible from EPSON’s previous LW-300 and 400 models.

(TIP: Epson labels have been successfully tested as water resistant. When submerged, however, the ink will remain in tact, but the possibility exists that the adhesive could dissolve causing detachment. Further testing is planned for this and other critical applications, and refinements made where necessary. Even though these labels use thermal transfer as the printing method, passing thru a laminator has no negative effect.)

Previously, printers with this capability would have cost hundreds of dollars and still not have offered the wide variety of printing possibilities. The EPSON LW-600P puts affordable unique portable label printing in the hands of the homeowner and small business entrepreneur making possible a whole new world of creative labeling.


MSRP: $99.99 (Available at retail and on line)

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