Friday, March 1, 2013

Reserve Power On-The-Go....

Reserve Power On-The-Go….




We live in an ever-growing gadget world and with that comes the need for on-the-spot recharging of these devices. Naturally, there are many solutions out there, but what’s the most efficient and practical? Here are a couple that certainly meet the challenge.

ETI, Ecosol Technologies, Inc., of Canada, offers many recharging devices, two of which I have tested for this article. The first, PowerTrip, is a compact charger that can obtain a full charge from wall outlets via an internal folding plug (100~240 VAC 50/60hz), a supplemental charge through a USB port and a top-up via the built-in solar panel. It’s a feature that may just come in handy these days on cruise ships. With all these variables, PowerTrip can easily replace your OEM charger; in fact, it’s the only charger with its own battery. An iPhone 5 has a battery capacity of 2800ma making it possible to obtain several recharges from one fully charged PowerTrip. Special circuitry prevents over-charging and will shut down if any problem such as over-heating is detected in the device being charged. In addition, this charger also functions as a 4, 8 or 16gb memory device, depending on the model purchased, to store/transfer or back up important files from your computer.

(TIP: A built-in gauge shows remaining charge, charging taking place and recharging in progress.)

If you were looking for a truly pocket-sized, 40 grams, charging device, ETI’s PowerStick would certainly fit that need. (4.6”x1.3”x0.7”) It too, has a memory feature available in 2, 4 and 8gb versions. Having a 2300ma battery capacity, PowerStick can easily top off many smart phones and give tablets that extra boost in a pinch. Charging is accomplished by USB or an optional 5v/1.0a AC adapter that is not included.

(TIP: Re-charging times of either model vary depending on power source used. Multiple adapters and adapter cables are supplied to interface with most cellphones, PDA’s, MP3 players and tablets.)

I have tested both models and find them to exceed expectations. Their compact size, memory storage capabilities and built-in charging options make them an efficient and low cost, effective solution to your charging needs. Both are supplied with a soft travel case.

(TIP: An iPad PowerBinder version was introduced at this year’s CES Show in LasVegas. Product release is scheduled for late spring or early summer and we will be reviewing this model sometime thereafter. )

MSRP: PowerTrip: $109.00 – PowerStick: $49.50

Available on line worldwide with FREE shipping in the Continental U. S. and Canada on these models.

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