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Burning media should be an easy task. If you own a MAC such software is included with your computer, so why the need for anything else? In today’s computer world, MAC or PC, there are so many variables and features that it makes sense to install software specific to the task. Roxio has long been a leader in such software solutions including its most recent bundle, TOAST 10 TITANIUM PRO. While this article reviews TOAST 10 TITANIUM PRO, a bundle, you should be aware that the plug-ins making up this package are in most cases individually available for both the PC and MAC.

TOAST 10 TITANIUM PRO is made up of five main programs making it a powerhouse of creative and processing tools. While not the developer of all these programs, Roxio has teamed up with the various manufacturers to offer the user the opportunity to test drive products at a very minimal cost. Many of the programs included are considered “light”, however, more advanced versions and upgrades are available from the software providers. In many cases, the “light” versions will demonstrate the power of the program, but also will more than meet, or exceed the needs of the user.

(TIP: Roxio Toast 10 Titanium Pro, a bundle, is available for the MAC. The PC version, Roxio Creator 2011 PRO, is very similar. Users interested only in a specific application and not a bundle, can purchase the individual programs from the appropriate developer directly.)

Some of what’s included:

Roxio: Normal disc burning software. Extract clips from DVD-Video discs and convert to the format of your choice. Fit-to-DVD™ compression technology fits a 9 GB DVD-Video onto a 4.7 GB disc. File recovery for damaged discs. High-Def/Bluray disc plug-in allowing you to author ACVHD™ HD video to standard DVDs for playback on Bluray players. (Note, depending on compression used, time limitations do exist.) Ability to author HD video to Bluray discs. AVCHD™ Archive makes it one-step simple to back up an entire camera of HD video to disc. Synch up folders bi-directionally between multiple computers, networks, or external hard disks. Automatically catalog your discs as you burn them with photo thumbnails saved for easy browsing. Schedule backup sessions to any hard drive, or network, or burn to CD/DVD, or Bluray disc. Media browser with file browsing data filters and Spotlight search. Extract clips from DVD-Video discs and convert to the format of your choice. Automatically capture & tag streaming Internet audio. Send captured audio to iTunes® as AAC, Apple® lossless, or MP3. Convert audio from vinyl LPs and tapes to CD/ DVD, and iPod. Capture streaming Internet audio - or any sound - as you hear it with one click. Save web video from your favorite web sites to view on TV or on-the-go. Watch video files on your Mac right on your TV with Mac2TiVo. Stream TV and video from your Mac to your iPhone™, Mac or PC over the Internet.

Sonicfire® Pro: Create professional custom soundtracks for movies and slideshows. Allows you to build unique length tracks for music themes, beds and stings.

(TIP: The pro version offers numerous optional libraries of various music and theme beds.)

SoundSoap: Remove noise from analog or digital recordings. Removes hiss, room noise, rumble, electrical hum, & other background noise from most digital media files. Solves most simple noise problems with the Learn Noise button. Powerful fine tuning offers even better sound results. Perfect for vinyl transfers. This program is worth its weight in gold as it’s easy to use, and works!

FotoMagico™: Turn pictures into stories and present them in HD using your computer as the presenter. Note: Has the ability to be burned on a disc, but quality is greatly reduced.

LightZone™: Create dramatic, corrected photos with professional quality light and color balance. Supports RAW, JPEG, TIFF and PNG formats. Change exposure without changing color and vice-versa. This program is fantastic! Having it available for correcting your photos is invaluable. Truly a must-have for the photographer and graphic artist.

(TIP: All programs require time to master and fully appreciate. It would be wise to go to the individual developer’s web site and follow their tutorials. Here’s a link to an excellent free tutorial for FotoMagico by a nondeveloper: )

Roxio’s TOAST 10 TITANIUM PRO, is all-inclusive. In writing a review such as this I’m limited to how detailed I can become. However, that said, there is something here for everyone. I’ve used all these programs and find them well worth the investment.

(TIP: Most developers of third-party applications included in Toast 10 Titanium Pro, offer attractive incentives, or upgrade pricing to Roxio customers, so be sure to check third-party developer sites for details if you want to step it up a notch. See links below.)

MSRP: $149.95 (Various incentives and rebates available. Shop this one to come up with the best deal.) Available on-line and at retail outlets.

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  1. Recently, I went ahead and got Toast 10 Pro from OWC bundled with an external Blu-ray burner (Pioneer) for my MacBook Pro, and I'm glad I did! Before I even had a chance to use my burner, I used Soundsoap to clean audio for a freelance video project. Storing my large audio files on Blu-ray disks is my answer to an archive so my fast external drives can become part of my post-production work flow, again. I haven't used the other applications that came with Toast, yet, but your article inspires to get to my experimenting phase sooner than later. Thanks!