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Transporting pets safely has always been a worry for pet owners, especially when flying. Komfort Pets, a Massachusetts based company, offers a climate controlled solution, the Komfort Pets Carrier II.

The Komfort Pets Carrier is a pet crate that comes with a fold-down handle, in three sizes; small for pets under 10 pounds, medium for pets under 30 pounds and large for pets under 60 pounds. It’s made of durable plastic, stackable with the use of an optional adapter and available in a selection of four colors.

What makes the Komfort Pets Carrier unique is the ability to climate control your pet’s environment while being transported in the carrier. The base of the carrier contains a sealed climate control module which when powered up from an optional 3 hr battery pack, or the provided external 12 volt power source, automatically produces warmth when the outside temperature reaches below 55°f (13°c), and cooling when the temperature exceeds 72°f (22°c). The temperature changes take place on a plate mounted on about 2/3rds of the center of the carrier’s floor. Since nature has provided pets with a fur coat, the unprotected belly of the pet makes contact with this area and provides cooling, or warmth throughout the body resulting in climate comfort for your pet. It’s somewhat the same as when your pet lies on a cool concrete floor in the summer, or your carpet in the winter. You could call it a dual conduction/convection system. Since direct contact with this area is required, the use of cushions, or a lining, is not suggested. An optional perimeter pad that does not make contact with this area is available for added comfort. The carrier’s design includes a groove and an insertable sponge that absorbs as much as 16 ounces of liquid and is very easy to clean. Side mounted seatbelt holders are provided to secure the carrier in your car.

I tested the original Komfort Pets Carrier. This model, while supplies last, has most of the stated features with a slightly different control panel. The model II, available late summer of 2010, incorporates LED indicators combined with an on/off switch and fan only mode. I found the automatic temperature control to perform well. The construction of the carrier is excellent and the addition of the cooling module seemed to add very little extra weight. Since a cigarette lighter DC cord is supplied with a 110 volt power supply (voltage converters for 220/240 volt use work well for European applications) the need for the optional battery pack would probably be limited to air travel where a 12 volt source may not be available. The pet carrier is FAA compliant and so far two airlines, JAL and Continental, have agreed to provide 12-volt connections in the future, a trend that will hopefully catch on.

I think the Komfort Pets Carrier is a unique product that fills a void in transporting pets. It works well, is affordably priced, well built and provides superior comfort for the traveling pet. I give it three thumbs up. The Komfort Pets Carrier II will be available at warehouse clubs, pet shops and on line directly from the manufacturer. For more details go to

MSRP: $149.00 - $199.00 - $249.00 depending on size

Note: Always use careful judgment when leaving your pet unattended in any environment that could potentially become too hot or cold. Do not leave any pet unattended in a vehicle.

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